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Cachaça Magia da Serra


      Magia da Serra cachaça still follows the artisanal tradition, with strict quality control, which maintains the characteristics and assures the final product, unparalleled purity and flavor.

Two types of cachaça are produced at Alambique Dom Henrique: Immediate Consumption (white-silver) and Special Reserve (yellow-gold).

      The care in the production of Cachaça Magic da Serra begins with the selection of the cane and the proper cutting. The varieties are chosen for their suitability for the soil, handling characteristics and texture.

      The cultivation is carried out within the strictest environmental standards in planting, weeding, cutting and regrowth.

      The fertilization is organic using vinasse, the bagasse from the distillation and the harvest is carried out manually.

      Fermentation takes place with natural yeasts and in Distillation, a rustic process in copper stills, are eliminated and “tail”, only the noble part, the “heart”, is used.


Sobre & Assine

Cachaça Magia da Serra Ouro

  The production of yellow-gold cachaça is stored in wooden barrels (Carvalho, Jequitiba, Amburana, Castanheira and Amarelo do Pará) at suitable temperatures and locations.

  This process, called aging, should last a minimum of 1 year. After that time, the cachaça acquires a more refined flavor, richer aroma and golden yellow color.

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Cachaça Magia da Serra Prata

 The clarity and transparency of the white-silver cachaça show the crystalline purity of the drink, without aging in wood.  

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Wood Packing Kit 2 cups

  Composed of 2 Magia da Serra Cachaça, being  ouro and Silver with 2 personalized glass glasses of Magia da Serra cachaça.

Packing Kit

  Composed of 2 Bottles of Cachaça Magia da Serra  Ouro and Prata.

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  Série Premium

  A Cachaça Extra Premium é a versão especial da Magia da Serra, onde ficou descansando em barril de carvalho por 15 anos.

  Ela traz um aroma marcante de baunilha e especiarias. No paladar ela entrega uma sensação licorosa e aveludada bem presente.

   Feita para quem tem paladar sofisticado. 


Flavors of Cachaça Magia da Serra

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Flavors of Cachaça Magia da Serra


Pure or with fruit. Cold or natural. Magia da Serra distilled, pure and white, gives more flavor to cocktails and fruit caipirinhas.

Aged mountain magic, pure and noble, ideal for aperitif and as an after-meal digestive. 

You choose the most pleasant way to taste the magical Cachaça of the Serra. Always a great option. In winter and summer.

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Magia da Serra Cachaça Produced and bottled by Alambique Dom Henrique Ltda. Located in Morretes - PR. 

Agendamento pelo whatsapp ou pelo fone 41 3542-2091 / 41 98871-4333 / 41 99904-0131

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